The Youngster


The Youngster is a graphic novel series created and written by myself. The first season was illustrated by William Ray. The story follows the aftermath of the most devastating event in the world’s history, The Great Catastrophe. Centuries later, the year is Post Catastrophe 1752. The epicenter of this event once known as the United States of America, is now the Republic of Arcadia. The world has recovered to look as it once was, but now science and witchcraft have become one and the same. The tales of The Youngster will lead seven students to come together in a serious of supernatural events to prevent a 2nd Great Catastrophe from taking place.


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The Youngster will have a series of short promotional videos under the project name, “Days Before Tomorrow”, which was shot  in  Houston, Texas and New York City. Days Before Tomorrow will act as a prequel to the series’ events and will focus on the character Jennifer Hofer, portrayed by Hailey Orman, in particular. The Complete First Season of the graphic novel will be available Spring 13′ and will include 22 chapters, character bios, and a hard cover. The pilot run is currently available on  iTunes, and includes the first 3 episodes.
  Credits: Illustrations: William Ray Writer/Creator/Print Production/Graphic and Poster Designs: Lance Butcher Promotional Artwork: Nicole Marvin
Films: Writer/Producer: Lance Butcher Directors: Thomas Colifour + Whitney Ray Filmed By: Duggfin Promotional Shots By: Phantomhive Sniper and Nicolas Davis
Cast: Jennifer Hofer as Hailey Orman Emma: Maria “Mariedoll” Ramos Amanda Peña: Alissa Simmons
Chelsea: Lauren Palos Teacher: Ricco Hymas and John Wayne Tingly as Himself
Special Thanks:
Jody Pitts



Illustration: William Ray/Nicole Marvin

Model/Actress: Hailey Orman Photography by: Nicolas Davis Poster Design by: Lance Butcher 50ae78a8df37f06bac3e03fbd86846c9 f4ab4cf7f065f78c3eb1d69df2714051 a5b9c1ec0438d4a3a44bf2bbd3963208   33ca136c3ce653041e433f692fcd5861   9835cd9875a2e884f54c27478c549e6f

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